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Rental Tips

1. Time is of Essense This is perhaps the most important aspect of a real estate transaction. Once you've identified the property that you would like to rent, work quickly with your agent to secure it! Greater Boston is famous for having apartments get taken off the market at a moment's notice.

2. Know Your Criteria Figure out your main criteria in advance, such as your location preferences and budget. While this can certainly change as you refine your apartment search, having an understanding of your realistic starting point will save your time.

3. Confirm Your Qualifications Landlords often base their acceptance criteria on two main factors: income and credit. Make sure you have proof of your employment ready to be provided during the application process. Your Rise Realty agent, or the property manager, will run your credit as part of the transaction. If you believe you are under-qualified, then line up a guarantor to co-sign for the apartment on your behalf.

4. Ask Question If you are unsure about details of the apartment, such as utility costs, parking availability, or other terms, make sure to ask! Your Rise Realty agent will find the answers to your questions so that you are educated or your potential new home.

5. Plan For Move-In Day Once you've solidified your aparnment, it is important to plan for your move-in. Important factors to consider are scheduling moving trucks, reserving parking, setting up your utilities, and changing your mailing address. As always, ask your Rise Realty agent for help.