At Rise Realty, we strive to provide the highest level of Condominium property management available. Our single goal is the complete satisfaction of our clients. In doing so, we’ve established an elegant level of infrastructure aimed at giving our clients what they want, when they want it. No Condo community is the same, so therefore no management contract should be either. We will take the time to get to know board members, owners, the community, and neighborhood working to devise the best plan, catered to the needs of the property and it’s residents.

We offer the following services, to choose from and are happy to further customize these functions to fit the needs of our clients.

Financial Management Overview

Each month the Board will receive detailed financial reports outlining all of the financial activity at the association. In the report are delinquency tracking and payment updates.

Monthly Financial Reports:

• Balance Sheet

• Detailed General Ledger up to 25 Accounts

• Delinquency Report

• Check Register

• Fully Reconciled Bank Statements


A detailed annual budget is central to successful financial management. We will review prior year actual expense with current performance to establish a budget that is both fiscally responsible and will properly address outstanding concerns based on a needs assessment.

Accounts Payable:

At Rise, we maintain a superior A/P system that ensures your vendors are paid in a timely fashion and in conjunction with any applicable contracts.


We will assist the association in auditing the financial records and providing a tax returns each year.

Administrative Management:

Administrative management is central to the implementation of effective communication programs, homeowner and Board meetings, and to process special assessment and condo fee billing.


We will plan, coordinate and schedule Board and homeowner meetings.

Homeowner Conflict Resolution:

We have a set of escalation policies and will inform the Board of each complaint and a recommendation on resolution.

Legal and Collection:

We will pursue outstanding receivables and assist the Board in any legal proceedings. Court appearances and collection letters are an additional fee.


We will handle all communication to the homeowners, this includes electronic and mail. We also have electronic payment methods available to collect HOA fees.

Site and Maintenance Management

Your property value is directly tied to the appearance of the common areas. We strive to implement effective maintenance programs designed to maximize appearance and minimize cost impact. We will implement controls to ensure work is completed correctly and efficiently.

Maintenance Programs

Programs will be initiated with the current budget and needs assessment in mind. Outside vendors will be used as appropriate. The Board will be notified via frequent updates as to the status of on-going maintenance.


Each maintenance program will be implemented with industry benchmarks and will be frequently audited to ensure delivery of goods. The site manager will perform site inspections to review progress.

Valerie Molchanova
Director of Property Manager