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Somerville, MA

Somerville is a highly-populated city located slightly Northwest of Boston, and directly to the North of Cambridge. Its neighborhoods are based around various well-known squares, such as Davis and Porter, which are bustling business and art & entertainment centers. Somerville borders multiple colleges and universities, such as Tufts, Harvard and MIT, and it has a young population mix of students and working professionals. The Redline T services Somerville, allowing for easy commuting to downtown Boston. The Greenline T extension project, which is nearing completion, will add even more public transportation feasibility to the city.

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Somerville MA Real Estate

Somerville, MA, a vibrant city nestled just north of Boston, has become an increasingly popular destination for real estate enthusiasts and investors alike. Boasting a diverse community, rich cultural scene, and excellent transportation options, Somerville offers a unique blend of urban living and suburban charm that appeals to a wide range of homebuyers. Over the past decade, the city has experienced significant growth, with new developments and renovations transforming the local housing market. This transformation has led to an influx of modern condominiums and thoughtfully restored historic homes, catering to various tastes and budgets. Furthermore, the city's commitment to sustainable living and ongoing infrastructure improvements have solidified Somerville's status as a highly sought-after real estate market in the greater Boston area.

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